Custom sourcedef: person-objectclass

Created: 2023-07-20 09:22:41
Modified: 2023-07-20 11:07:39
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Custom sourcedef: person-objectclass

As of v4.5, you may configure multiple objectclasses in your custom sourcedef’s person-objectclass parameter.

This new feature will fix the log warnings such as:
Unknown Source ObjectClass / Entries Ignored ObjectClass.

1) First, create a custom sourcedef file.

2) Review the current setting for person-objectclass

By default, all sourcedef files include a single person-objectclass value.


3) In v4.5, you may define more than one:


Each record in ldif.txt may have multiple objectclass values. The Sync phase looks at the last objectclass in the list (of each ldif.txt record). If a defined person-objectclass is present, the record will be synced. Otherwise, the record is skipped and a warning is logged, Unknown Source ObjectClass.

A point of clarification:

The Sourcedef, person-search query is used to filter the source objects discovered (including objectclasses).

The sourcedef person-objectclass is used on Sync to determine which records in ldif.txt should be synced.

In combination, these two settings define the data to be discovered and the data to be synced. The synced data may be a subset of the data discovered.

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