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Entries Ignored Objectclass

2017-05-17 14:38:16
Errors Troubleshooting UnitySync 

Example of the error

Log snippet:

Total Records Read             | 15200  
Objects Modified               | 9722  
Join No Match                  | 3000  
Objects Added                  | 3000  
Entries Ignored Objectclass    | 1255  
Run Time                       | 3 minutes 54 seconds  

Entries Ignored Objectclass means there are records in the ldif.txt file whose objectClass does not match one of the objectclasses selected on the Source tab. This can occur with any Destination directory type.

One example of how this can occur is if the Discovery pulls Users and Contacts and then you change the Source tab to Users only, after running a Discovery but before you run Sync. The Contact objects are in the ldif.txt, because you originally indicated they should be, and will thus throw the Ignore message on sync. If this sounds like what occurred, you may simply re-run Discovery and Sync and you should not see the error repeated.

There are a few other different causes for this and additional troubleshooting may be required to help you solve your specific issue. If you’d like additional assistance, please email support@dirwiz.com. Reference this knowledge base article and provide both Discovery and Sync logs generated at Log File level 3-Detailed as well as your ldif.txt file. We can then assist further.

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