Office 365 System Requirements (Discovery or Sync) v4.1.21

Created: 2023-02-22 11:26:35
Modified: 2023-03-24 14:51:31
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This article relates to pre-release UnitySync 4.1.21 and newer

If you are experiencing a problem with v4.1.x o365 connections, please contact to troubleshoot and determine if v4.1.21+ will fix your problem. (The release date for v4.2 is TBD).

As of versions newer than v4.1.13 or newer, in order to sync your o365 tenant(s), the following system requirements are necessary on your UnitySync server:

  1. Minimum System Requirements apply.

  2. Exchange Online PowerShell V3

  3. PowerShell v7 or newer

    Note: To confirm your Powershell version, run the following from a Powershell prompt:


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  5. If you are not using an o365 admin login ID**, refer to Prepare Directory Servers: Office 365 (O365) for detailed info on required o365 permission requirements.

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