Special Office 365 System Requirements

Created: 2023-02-22 11:26:35
Modified: 2023-12-07 11:22:34
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Important Note: Due to changes made by Microsoft (including deprecation of Basic Auth, and more recently deprecation of EXO v2), discovery and sync of o365 require UnitySync v4.6 or better.

This article pertains to UnitySync v4.6 and newer.

In order to sync your o365 tenant(s), Your UnitySync server must meet the following system requirements.

  1. Minimum System Requirements apply.

  2. A licensed o365 User Account as detailed here.

  3. For all steps below, you must be logged into the server as an Administrator.

  4. Required: the latest PowerShell version.

    a) To confirm your Powershell version, run the following from a Powershell prompt:


    b) If necessary, install the latest PowerShell version.

  5. Required: the latest Exchange Online Management (EXO) version.

    • To confirm your EXO version, open a Powershell window (latest version), run the following two commands:

        $EXO=get-module -ListAvailable -Name ExchangeOnlineManagement  
    • NOTE: Only the latest EXO should be installed. If necessary, remove all versions of ExchangeOnlineManagement and install the latest:

  6. If Necessary, uninstall/install EXO

    a) To Uninstall all versions of EXO:

    Uninstall-Module -Name ExchangeOnlineManagement

    Note: You may need to run Uninstall-Module more than once.

    b) To Install the latest EXO:

    Install-Module -Scope AllUsers ExchangeOnlineManagement

  7. Requires that your System Path include the location of the latest Powershell pwsh.exe **.

    C:\Program Files\Powershell\7

    a) Your install location might differ.
    b) This variable should be Moved Up to the top.

  8. A reboot is required after updating the system path.

  9. Javascript must be enabled in your browser

  10. Two factor authentication (2FA) must be disabled for the o365 user account specified in your connection.

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#Ref: 3016 pre v4.1.13 (old ver 3329)
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