Office 365 System Requirements prior to v4.6

Created: 2015-09-23 16:57:32
Modified: 2023-12-06 16:23:27
Tags: Office 365 System Requirements UnitySync

This article pertains to all versions of UnitySync prior to v4.6.

For the reasons stated below, an upgrade to the latest version of UnitySync is required in order to continue syncing to o365.

Any o365 connections prior to v4.5.6 may throw errors on all o365 actions.

As of Aug 2023, Microsoft has completed a forced deprecation of Basic Auth, Modern Auth and EXO v2. UnitySync versions prior to v4.1.13 used EXO v2.

In Oct 2023, Microsoft’s own powershell commands were unexpectedly changed. We’ve adjusted for this as of version 4.5.6.

Therefor, an upgrade to the latest version of Unitysync is required if you are using o365 connections. This upgrade is free for clients with a current maintenance agreement.

Before you begin your upgrade:

#Ref: 3316 (v4.5) (backup of orig 3329)
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