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Office 365 System Requirements

Created: 2015-09-23 16:57:32
Modified: 2022-07-14 15:39:08
Tags: Office 365 System Requirements UnitySync

As of UnitySync v2.3, support for Office 365 (O365) is added.

Please note many fixes and enhancements have occurred since that time, and it is strongly recommended that you use the latest version of UnitySync when syncing to/from O365. You can download the latest version of UnitySync here.

Please be aware of the of the following requirements in order to perform Office 365 Discovery and Synchronization.

If you are using Basic Auth:

  • PowerShell installed v5.1 or greater

    Note: from the Powershell prompt, run C:\$PSVersionTable

  • Javascript enabled in your browser

If you are using Modern Auth (as of v4.0):

  • Exchange Online PowerShell V2 module EXOv2 revision v2.0.6 (EXOV2).

  • Javascript enabled in your browser

Information for the required UnitySync O365 login account is found here.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have an existing v4.0 O365 connection and want to disable Basic Auth, please upgrade to v4.1 or newer. Differences in Microsoft powershell commands for Basic Auth and EXOV2 may cause unexpected results if you disable Basic Auth on any existing connection prior to v4.1.

Review other O365 recommendations, tips and troubleshooting info here.

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