How do I sync a binary attribute?

Created: 2012-04-20 08:09:59
Modified: 2017-06-05 13:40:20
Tags: Custom Mapping UnitySync

In this example we will use an x.509 certificate.

The first thing to check is to make sure UnitySync is pulling the correct attribute. Typically binary attribute names end in ;binary (usercertificate;binary). You must make sure that this syntax is used in your Sourcedef file in the attribs parameter. Please note that it is correct in the default sourcedef for an AD-AD connection but if you are using a different connection type, you can check it by using the steps for creating a custom sourcedef to look.

Using a custom Object Map file, add (or modify) the usercertificate attribute mapping to reflect this syntax:


The usage of [usercertificate] will tell UnitySync to sync every value in this attribute. If your attribute is single valued you can opt to use ^usercertificate ^, instead.

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