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UnitySync Installation and Upgrade Instructions

2019-08-21 13:39:08
System Requirements UnitySync 

The current release of UnitySync is available for download at dirwiz.com/unitysync/download. Fill out the form and you will automatically receive the software as well as a 15 day temp key to get you started.

Complete upgrade and/or installation instructions are included in the Release Notes - Install Guide or you can link to specific instructions in our knowledge base, below. Make sure to completely read and follow instructions for your user type.

If you already own licensing, once you’ve installed and are running UnitySync, send the Serial Number as it appears on the main page of the UnitySync interface to keys@dirwiz.com . We can then generate a permanent license key for you.

If you are not yet a UnitySync client, please contact our Sales Team for your personalized quote today.

UnitySync User Types

Depending on which type of user you are, you’ll follow one of the following instructions:

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are upgrading from SimpleSync, follow the instructions for upgrading from UnitySync and review this knowledge base article for additional tips. If you are also using any custom files, please contact our Technical Support Team for additional assistance.

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