Can I modify the DN format of new objects created in Notes?

Created: 2012-04-20 08:09:59
Modified: 2017-05-31 16:09:39
Tags: Custom Mapping Lotus Notes / Domino UnitySync

The default DN mapping for a Notes destination is:

This results in a DN that looks like this:
DN=CN=John Smith,ou=SyncContainer,o=organization

This default mapping uses ~cn~ which contains a displayName value. The exact value/format depends on which ‘Reformat Displayname’ option you configured on the Display Name tab of your connection.

This default mapping may result in duplicates, since Source displayNames are not always unique. If you find duplicates to be a problem, there are a few recommended custom DN mappings you can consider.

NOTE: Making changes to the DN mapping of a Notes connection will result in Delete/Adds of previously synced objects the next time the sync runs. If possible, DN mapping changes should be made at the time the connection is initially created.

Use components of the source email address

Note: The actual email address can not be used becuase the @ character is invalid in the Notes DN.


This results in a DN that looks like this:,ou=SyncContainer,o=organization

You may substitute the period with a dash or space or other valid character.

Use a 10 digit unique id, contained in a UnitySync internal variable

This uniqueid is based off the source DN, guaranteeing it will be unique and unchanging.


Please see Creating a Custom Map file for details on creating and editing a custom map file. To make the above changes, you will be modifying the FIRST line of the map file. This is the DN mapping line.

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