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O365 Add Fail - TaskException: There are multiple recipients matching identity

Created: 2022-04-15 09:16:45
Modified: 2022-04-15 09:18:26
Tags: Errors Office 365 Troubleshooting UnitySync

As the name suggest, this error will occur if an O365 ADD conflicts with an existing O365 contact. While this may in fact indicate a valid issue, if it’s a synced object, it may be due to a known bug in pre-v4.1 installations.

Example of error:

Add Error    | TaskException: There are multiple recipients matching identity 
"DianeMiller@domain.com".  Please specify a unique value.

Add Fail       | DianeMiller@domain.com

If you are running any version prior to v4.1 AND there IS an existing Destination contact (previously synced by UnitySync), this error may be caused by a known issue.

This has been fixed in v4.1. It is recommended you upgrade to v4.1 to resolve this issue and contact support@dirwiz.com for further assistance.

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