Error: database disk image is malformed

Created: 2019-11-06 09:59:49
Modified: 2021-03-23 14:03:47
Tags: Errors Troubleshooting UnitySync

This error message refers to UnitySync’s internal database files. If configured, you may receive an error via Event Logging that says UnitySync Shell Error (connectionName), Process exited on error: 884 that relates to this issue. When running the connection via shell from terminal, you’ll see the database disk image is malformed error.

To clear the error, it is necessary to run the Sync Recovery Procedure.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Database malformation can be due to a low disk space condition on the UnitySync Server which can result in mass deletes. We strongly urge you to check your disk space if receive the error message that your database disk image is malformed to prevent future problems, and follow recommended disk space allowances.

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