Source Tab Configuration: Office 365 (O365)

Created: 2019-07-16 14:01:51
Modified: 2022-03-18 14:19:18
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Options for Office 365 (O365) are a simplified version of standard LDAP connections. Please note that O365 templates are only available in the Windows version of UnitySync.

O365 Connection Information Box

ID: The login of the default administrative account. This is required information when using O365. Please see more detailed information in the O365 Overview article in our knowledge base.

Password: The password that corresponds to the login ID specified.

Object Types: Available Object Types for O365 Sources include User Mailboxes, Mail contacts, Dist Groups, and Hidden. Only those object types selected here will be included in the sync.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In software versions 2.8 and earlier, Hidden objects were discovered by default OR you had to filter them out using the HiddenFromAddressListEnabled attribute. If you are using a software version of 2.8 or earlier, you will not see Hidden as an option here, and your Discovery will pull Hidden objects. If you are upgrading, please pay special attention to the upgrade instructions in the Release Notes and Installation Guide for your new version. If you need assistance with a filter or the upgrade procedure, please reach out to our Technical Support team.

Optional - Filter: As with other standard LDAP directory types, you are able to filter what you discover from O365. Filters can be used to include and/or exclude objects based on their values. O365 filter queries utilize powershell, but filter syntax has been crafted to be very similar to LDAP filter format.

For in depth information about using the Filter functionality for O365, you will need to know your current installed version. For versions v2.7.27 and earlier, you are urged to upgrade to take advantage of vastly improved filter functionality, as well as more robust syncing with O365. Versions v2.7.28 and newer should visit this knowledge base article for guidance.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are experiencing lag on Discovery of an O365 Source, you may want to customize the attributes you are reading. Default settings include most of the available attributes. If you’d like to discuss Discovery performance improvement, please contact our Technical Support team for assistance.

Finally, please note that UnitySync discovers Group objects by default to enable filtering on group membership. If you do not plan on utilizing group membership for filtering, and you want to speed up Discover, you may disable the default Discovery of Group objects.

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