Testing your connections using Simulation

Created: 2019-06-20 13:56:43
Modified: 2019-06-20 14:02:41
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It is always a good idea to test your connections using Simulation when making any sort of changes to your UnitySync configuration or environment, including Changing or Moving the UnitySync Server or Upgrading to a New Version.

To use Simulation mode, go to the General tab of your connection. Make sure Synchronization is unchecked, and make sure DIscovery and Simulation are checked. You can use either the Batch Run button to run both processes, or click on the individual buttons to run one process at a time.

You may also want to increase your Log File level to 3-Detailed in order to generate detailed logs while you are testing. This comes in handy when you have, for example, customized your object map and want to see the results of the change in the Dest Entry of a few sample objects to insure you are getting the desired results.

Results differ depending on your Sync/Join Mode setting on the Destination tab.

Create selected for Sync/Join Mode

If Create is selected, your results are based on UnitySync’s internal database files. If you have made changes to your configuration only, the internal database files should be intact and your results will be based on your last successful Synchronization.

If you have moved the UnitySync server or upgraded to a new version, simply make sure you have copied over the entire connections folder to preserve all needed database files.

Note that when in Create mode, UnitySync does NOT read the Destination directory, so the results of certain changes may not be entirely indicative of what will occur at Sync time. If you have any questions about your results, contact support@dirwiz.com.

Join or Both selected for Sync/Join Mode

When using Join functionality through the use of either Join or Both for your Sync/Join Mode, UnitySync reads your Destination directory at Sync time. Results from Simulation in this case are far more reliable. If you have any questions about your results, contact support@dirwiz.com.

How to Compare Simulation Results to Previous Syncs

Once you have run a Simulation, open the Simulation log as well as your last successful Sync log.

First, scroll all the way to the bottom of the logs and compare Run Summaries. Are roughly the same number of objects being read, exported, and processed? Is there an unusual or unexpected number of Adds, Mods, or Deletes? If so, you may want to revisit your changes or reach out to Directory Wizards support to discuss your unexpected results.

As mentioned previously, if you have changed a mapping, you may want to look at the Dest Entry of a few sample objects to insure your changes have been made and the resulting new attribute data is as expected.

Mainly, you want to be looking for any unusual or unexpected results before proceeding to Sync. Directory Wizards support is happy to help you interpret logs so you can verify results prior to experiencing issues with Sync.

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