Discovering Hidden and/or NON Hidden source objects.

Created: 2018-04-17 07:23:05
Modified: 2019-01-09 12:40:31
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LDAP Sources (Active Directory, IBM)

On the Source tab of your connection, in the Object Types section, you will see check boxes to indicate which types of objects (objectclass) you want to discover. There is also a check box for Hidden.

The ‘Hidden’ option uses the msexchHideFromAddressLists attribute to identify source object as hidden or not, and applies to all of the other object types selected.

By default, the Hidden option is disabled (unchecked). All objects of the selected object types will be discovered unless they are hidden,

If you want to include Hidden objects in your Discovery, check the Hidden option. Your next Discovery will include both hidden and non hidden source objects.

As always, when making any changes on the source tab, test the change by running Discovery/SIMULATION.

Office 365 Source

By default, running Discovery on Office 365 Sources returns all objects, whether they are hidden or not. In order to limit your Discovery results to only objects that are not hidden, you must apply a filter on the Source tab.

In the Optional - Filter section of the Source tab, be sure to add the following filter to each field you’ve selected above:


This will allow you to prevent Discovery and Sync of any Hidden objects from an O365 Source.

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