Why aren’t my connections running? Where are my connections? What is config.tmp? Why is my config.txt blank?

Created: 2016-04-11 10:19:57
Modified: 2017-12-13 09:50:55
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If you are running UnitySync v2.5 or older, refer to Why is config.txt blank and how do I restore a blank config.txt file? instead.

If you are running v2.6 or greater, this article may be for you.

PLEASE NOTE: As of v2.8 an enhancement to actively check disk space during connection runs was added. If you are on v2.8 or later and experience the condition described below, please alert support@dirwiz.com.

You’ve been running UnitySync connections without issue for a while, then suddenly your scheduled task fails to run your connection, and you no longer see the connection in the UnitySync User Interface (UI).

In Windows Explorer, go to the UnitySync install directory and look in your connection’s folders. If you see a file named config.tmp instead of config.txt, this indicates the previous sync did not successfully complete. With config.txt missing, the connection will not show up in the UI and the connection will not be able to run.

In v2.6, each connection run begins by renaming config.txt to config.tmp. Only at the successful completion of the sync run will config.tmp be renamed back to config.txt. This avoids the undesirable occurrence of a blank config.txt. If you have found your connection also performed mass deletes on this latest run, refer to Mass deletes on sync run - blank or corrupt config.txt - low disk space.

In the event of a problem, the config.tmp is not ultimately renamed. The connection configuration is preserved, but the connection cannot run. Scheduled connections will no longer run and you will not see the connection in the UnitySync UI. We are working on an enhancement that will alert you to this situation.

The one confirmed cause of the termination of sync, leaving behind config.tmp, is lack of disk space on the server where UnitySync is installed. Other causes have not yet been identified.

  • First, check the disk space on your UnitySync server.

    • UnitySync requires a minimum of 500mb free space
    • We strongly recommend that you have at least 10gb available, especially if you are running multiple connections frequently or at logging levels higher than 2-Lowest. Take whatever steps necessary to to increase disk space if less exists than desired.
  • To recover your connections, simply rename the config.tmp file to config.txt. In the UI, refresh and open each connection. You should find the config parameters have been restored.

  • Run a fresh Discovery and Simulation. Check the resulting Sim log to ensure there are no unexpected results.

  • If the Simulation results look good. You can now resume syncing as usual.

As always, contact support@dirwiz.com with any questions or for assistance.

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