Why is config.txt blank and how do I restore a blank config.txt file?

Created: 2016-04-19 11:02:37
Modified: 2017-12-13 10:05:39
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This article ONLY applies to connections running under UnitySync v2.5 or older.

The problem of the creation of blank config.txt files has been fixed as of v2.6. After you resolve this problem as outlined below, we recommend you upgrade to the latest version to avoid blank config.txt in the future. Additionally, as of v2.8 active disk space checking is added and we urge you to upgrade as soon as possible to avoid additional similar problems in the future.

You’ve been running UnitySync connections without issue for awhile, then suddenly your scheduled task fails to run your connection, and the connection no longer loads correctly in the the User Interface (UI).

  • Go to ...\Connections\YourConnectionName\config.txt. Open config.txt.
  • If config.txt is blank, this indicates a previous sync ended in a terminal error condition causing the connection to end abruptly, making it unable to update config.txt.

Note: When the sync termination occurs, depending on circumstance, that sync run may have resulted in mass deletes. If you have detected the mass deletes, you should refer to Mass deletes on UnitySync sync run - low disk space.

  • First, check your disk space. Resolve disk space issues as necessary.

  • Now you can restore the blank config.txt file by copying the configuration parameters from the most recent successful log file from that connection.

  • Go to the Connection’s log directory: c:\UnitySync\Connections\YourConnectionName\log.

  • Open the most recent log.
    • Check the end of the log to ensure a Run summary is shown. This indicates this most recent run was successfully completed.
    • Near the top of the log, you will see the list of parameters in a section titled:
      *** Configuration ***
    • Copy this entire list of parameters.
    • Paste these parameters into your blank config.txt and save.
  • Return to the UnitySync UI and click refresh.
    • Select the connection from the list.
    • You should see the connection now loads correctly.
  • Run a fresh Discovery and Simulation. Check the resulting Sim log to ensure there are no unexpected results.
  • If the Simulation results look good. You can now resume syncing as usual.

The problem of the creation of blank config.txt files has been fixed as of v2.6. We recommend you upgrade to the latest version.

As always contact support@dirwiz.com with any questions or for assistance.

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