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Office 365 (O365) Discovery Filters (v2.7.27 and older)

2017-11-27 13:54:16
Office 365 UnitySync 

The information in this article applies to UnitySync versions v2.7.27 and older. For newer versions, please see the v2.7.28 article.

When Discovering an Office 365 (O365) directory, you may pull Users, Contacts and/or Groups.

Without filtering, all objects of the specified type will be pulled. We recommend you incorporate some filters to speed up your Discovery, and only pull those objects you want.

On the Source tab of your O365 Discovery connection, you will enter the exact query you want to pull the desired objects.

Examples of simple filters:

  • emailaddresses -like '*DomainA.com'
  • emailaddresses -like 'smtp:Test*'
  • emailaddresses -eq 'SMTPTom.Jones@DomainA.com'
  • -not(PrimarySmtpAddress -like '*')
    This one pulls objects that do NOT have a PrimarySmtpAddress

Alternatively, to filter out objects with a particular attribute blank, you can use the Custom tab’s Exclude rules. The following filter will exclude any source record that does not have a primarySMTPAddress.


Compound Filter Syntax examples:

  • (emailaddresses -like '*DomainA.com') -or (emailaddresses -like '*DomainB.com')
  • (emailaddresses -like '*onmicrosoft.com') -and -not(company -eq 'acme')

Some helpful filter parameters:

  • -and
  • -or
  • -eq
  • -like
  • -not(syntax)

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