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Custom Mapping: Syncing non-smtp proxyaddresses

2019-08-15 16:40:41
Active Directory Address Manipulation Custom Mapping UnitySync 

The default mappings for proxyaddresses only brings over the SMTP/smtp addresses.


By adding additional mappings as described below, you can bring over other proxyaddress types. The three mappings will bring over all X400, X500 and SIP addresses. We refer to these as ‘mail component mappings’, with the components being each individual non-SMTP mail type (i.e. X500, X400, SIP, etc).

First, if you don’t already have a custom object map file, create one. Then, add one or more of these mappings in addition to the default mapping shown above:


If you do not get the results you desire, please contact support@dirwiz.com for assistance.

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