My UnitySync license key does not work

Created: 2012-04-20 08:09:59
Modified: 2020-04-28 10:12:16
Tags: Licensing & Keys Troubleshooting UnitySync

There are a few reasons why the key may not work:

You may be using an expired Temporary Key

The error summary of your Sync log file will display an error message indicating the expiration date of the temporary key, if applicable.

You may be running from an unlicensed server

UnitySync is licensed to run on a specific server, identified by UnitySync Serial Number.

There may be disagreement between the Serial Number you see vs. the one UnitySync detects when running via shell

If you schedule your UnitySync connections to run via scripting and Task Manager, the Serial Number detected may differ from the one you can see on the Launch Page of the UnitySync User Interface (UI). If you open the Launch Page of your UI and see a blank Win Volume ID, please review this article for more information.

You may have configured connections to too many directories

UnitySync is licensed for a specific number of directories which are identified by IP address. If you configure connections to more IP’s than you have directory licenses you will see a License Error. On the UnitySync Launch Page check how many directories you are licensed for (in the Key Info section) and then how many you have configured. See this knowledge base article for a detailed explanation.

You may also see How is UnitySync Licensed for more information.

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