How is UnitySync licensed?

Created: 2012-04-20 08:09:59
Modified: 2019-06-21 11:22:03
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UnitySync licensing is based on:

  • Your initial installation of our software; we call this your base.
  • How many additional installations of UnitySync your solution requires; this is often a lab or test copy.
  • How many target directories you are syncing; a minimum of 2.
    • Each LDAP directory, counted by unique configured IP, counts as one directory license.
    • Likewise, each ODBC DSN or o365 tenant counts as one directory license.

Each directory need only be licensed once. Each may be used as a Source and/or Destination of any connection. There is no limit on the number of connections configured between each licensed directory. There is no limit on the number of objects synced between directories.

Your key and installation

The unique Install Serial Number as it appears on the User Interface (UI) Launch Page is used to generate a license key tied to your individual installation, and includes an accounting of your purchased directory licenses. On the Launch Page, you will see:

  • Your installed UnitySync version number
  • The Release Date of that version.
  • Your Install Serial Number. This will change with each installation.
  • The License Key entry box. To apply your key, enter it here and click on Save Key.
  • Your Key Info (once your key is saved).
  • The number in parentheses after Configured Directories shows a total of how many IPs are actually included in ALL of your current connections.
  • Below that, a complete list of all IPs (or hosts) included as a source or destination directory. If an IP appears, it must still exist in one of the connections.

Syncs will fail to run (throw a license key error) if the Configured Directories count exceeds your Directories license limit. You can fix this by deleting unused connections, or by editing the Source and Destination tab IP’s so your number of configured directories stays within your licensed limit.

Maintenance Licensing

A current Maintenance License entitles a client to receive Technical Support as well as product upgrades as they become available.

The first year of maintenance licensing is included in your initial purchase. Maintenance licensing can be renewed yearly for a fee of 15% of the current purchase price.

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