UnitySync Non Matching Serial error - UI and/or shell.exe show different Serial Numbers

Created: 2017-10-12 12:12:13
Modified: 2022-06-06 09:55:36
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Occasionally, the Serial Number displayed in the UnitySync User Interface (UI) will differ from the one detected when shell.exe is run either via cmd prompt or scheduled task. Since your license key will have been generated for one or the other, it will only match one of those SN’s. The non matching SN will cause the Sync to fail with a license key error.

Compare the Serial number on the UnitySync landing page in the UI to the Serial number from a recent log’s License Environment data. The likely difference will be if the Win Volume ID is blank or not.

This has been known to occur depending on the logged in user server privileges. When the UI or shell.exe runs, the Windows Volume ID of the UnitySync server is read (as part of the unique serial number). However, the non admin login may not have access and will therefor return a blank Volume ID, causing a different Serial Number to be shown. The SN from the UI will be invalid on syncs run from shell.


  1. Open your browser ‘As Admin’ and browse to the UnitySync UI. Select your connection and click Discovery. If successful, proceed to run the connection via the CMD prompt. If both are successful, you should see both logs show the same Serial Number under 'License Environment’. This indicates the proper Serial Number and also, you must always run your UnitySync browser As Admin. Send this Serial Number to keys@dirwiz.com and we will generate a permanent key.

  2. If solution 1 does not work, this may mean the permissions on the UnitySync server are locked down to allow only server admins to access Volume ID. In this case, you must add the logged in user (where running the browser) to the Local Administrators group on the UnitySync server.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In very rare instances, you may have installed UnitySync on a server where a browser is not allowed, in which case you are using remote service. If this is so, the above solution to use ‘As Admin’ will not suffice. Your remote service browser will continue to show the non admin serial number. The only solution is to allow browser access on the UnitySync server and follow the recommendations above..

For further assistance, contact us at keys@dirwiz.com.

Below is an example of License Information as it appears in a sync log file.

License Environment : 10/12/17 12:31:33
 Build ID                       | 2541230515
 Build Platform                 | Windows (x86_64)
 Computer Name                  | win-trek8bunrrm
 Current Date                   | 20171012
 Directories                    | 1
 FQDN                           | 2k12r2.test
 Install Directory              | c:\unitysync-v2.7.0
 Release Date                   | 20161114
 Serial Number                  | 785463162     << SN detected at sync
 Win Product ID                 | 00252-00606-38877-aa077
 Win Volume ID                  |                  << missing vs populated
 Windows Version                | 6.3 (9600)

Directory List : 10/12/17 12:31:33
 ldap       localhost

License Key Data : 10/12/17 12:31:33
 Build ID                       | 2541230515
 Customer                       | Directory Wizards Inc.
 Directories                    | 10
 Key Serial                     | 10665
 Maint Expire                   | 20170802
 Serial Number                  | 58498745      << Current key uses
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