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Sync Query Based (Dynamic) Distribution Lists in Active Directory

2017-05-08 17:38:28
Active Directory Group as Group Sync UnitySync 

In order to sync Query Based (Dynamic) Distribution Lists, create a custom sourcedef file. Edit the file and change the lines as shown below.

Change Current Line:
folder-search=(& (objectclass=publicfolder) ~reqlistattribs~ ~folder-search~)

To New Line:
folder-search=(& (objectclass=msExchDynamicDistributionList) ~reqattribs~ ~folder-search~)

Change Current Line:

To New Line:

Change Current Line:
struct-search=(|(&(!(objectclass=organizationalperson))(!(objectclass=user))(!(objectclass=contact))(!(objectclass=group)) (!(objectclass=person)))(objectclass=domain))

To New Line:

Now, on the Source tab of your connection, select ‘Public Folders’ to discover Dynamic Distribution Lists on the Source to sync to your Destination.

You may continue to discover/sync Users, Contacts, Groups as usual by selecting those object types as well.

NOTE: After these customization are applied, the option to pull Public Folders from the source is no longer available for this connection.

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