Search or Sync Error 81, Error 84, Error 82 resulting in abort of Sync process

Created: 2012-04-20 08:09:59
Modified: 2017-05-17 19:51:29
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Example Errors:

Add Person Return | 81:Bad file descriptor

Add Person Return | 84:decode error

Search | 81:Bad file descriptor

Search Return | 82 - Unknown error

Search Return | 84: LDAP_DECODING_ERROR

The errors shown above indicate a problem on the Destination DC, and are indicative of problematic LDAP processing or response. These errors may appear on Discovery or Synchronization.

Unfortunately, this problem cannot be diagnosed or fixed from a UnitySync perspective.

Error 81 in particular has been noted to be an unrecoverable error condition. An immediate abort is performed in the presence of these errors on Discovery or Synchronization.

A few possible workarounds are listed below. Please try these suggestions first but understand they do not promise a fix.

The error 81/82/84 must be diagnosed before syncing can resume.

Feedback received from clients who’ve run into this problem have identified the following as possible causes for this problem:

  • Clients reported that the problem was related to the router (in two cases, specifically a Cisco router). Changing out the router fixed the problem.

  • Client reported he had to trouble shoot an MTU/tcpip (Maximum Transmission Unit) issue.

We have been unable to determine a single root cause or fix for these errors, but we are happy to provide assistance troubleshooting if you’ve exhausted all listed possibilities. Please forward log files and note any known changes in your environment to Support.

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