Syncing Manager from ODBC to Active Directory

Created: 2012-04-20 08:09:59
Modified: 2017-06-04 16:28:32
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When using an ODBC to Active Directory (AD) connection to sync ‘Manager’ there are a few special configuration requirements.

The following are required for Create, Join or Both (Create and Join):

Each record in your Source data must contain an employeeID and a managerID. Further, the managerID must be the employeeID of the named manager.

In the below sample data, you can see how Rhonda’s employeeID correlates with John’s managerID. Rhonda is John’s manager.

In order to perform a sync using this Source ODBC data to a Destination AD, you will need to configure these items in your ODBC-to-AD connection:

  • On the Source tab, ‘Field Definition - Index’ should be set to: employeeID
  • In a custom map file, add the following custom mapping:

Also note, you will need to run your connection twice as some Manager values may not be set on the first connection run, depending on the order each record is processed.

In addition to the above, the following are further requirements related to the use of Sync/Join mode Join or Create/Join:

You must enter a valid LDAP query. This query may compare one or more Source attribute values to one or more Destination attribute values. Please see this knowledge base article for more information on Join Queries but, keep in mind, for ODBC to AD you will need to substitute values from your ODBC Source data. Contact for assistance.

Note: If this is a Both connection, be sure to include the mapping to set samaccountname from the source login:

Sample Data:

fullNname: Smith, John
firstName: John
lastName: Smith
login: jsmith
employeeID: 00111
department: Sales
state: VA
postal: 23464
title: Associate
city: Virginia Beach
company: ACME Corporation
country: USA
managerName: Jones, Rhonda
managerID: 00222

fullName: Jones, Rhonda firstName: Rhonda lastName: Jones login: rjones employeeID: 00222 department: Sales state: VA postal: 23464 title: Manager city: Virginia Beach company: ACME Corporation country: USA managerName: Miller, Paul managerID: 00333

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