Lotus Notes - 65: Object class violation - missing required attribute(s): sn

Created: 2012-04-20 08:09:59
Modified: 2023-01-24 12:21:01
Tags: Errors Lotus Notes / Domino Troubleshooting UnitySync

This error is not uncommon when syncing to a Notes Destination. The Destination will have a schema requirement that the surname attribute (sn) be populated when creating a new object. An add attempt that does not include a value for sn will throw this error.

You can work around this in one of two ways.

  1. You can exclude source objects that are missing SN by filtering them out on Discovery.

    • On the Source tab, enter the following filter (or combine with your existing filter):
  2. Alternatively, you may force a value into the Notes Destination sn if the Source sn is blank. To do this:

    • Create a custom object map file
    • Locate the default sn#64 mapping and change it to read as follows:
      sn#64=&"~sn~" eq "" \? "BLANK" : "~sn~"&
      The above mapping is designed to sync the Source value if it exists. If there is no Source SN value, a hard-coded value of BLANK is set. You may change the text BLANK to any value or variable.
      In the next example we use another attribute, component0, rather than a hard-coded value. This is the source CN value. sn#64=&"~sn~" eq "" \? "~component0~" : "~sn~"&
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