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Error syncing to Lotus Notes or Netscape: LDAP_OBJECT_CLASS_VIOLATION (65)

2019-07-12 15:30:37
Errors Lotus Notes / Domino Troubleshooting UnitySync 

This error is not uncommon when syncing to a Notes Destination. The Destination will have a schema requirement that the surname attribute (sn) be populated when creating a new object. An add attempt that does not include a value for sn will throw this error.

You can work around this in a number of ways.

  • If you do not want to sync source objects that lack a Last Name value, you may use an Exclude Rule to avoid pulling these objects on Discovery:

  • You may force a value into the Notes Destination sn if the Source sn is blank. To do this:

    • Create a custom object map file
    • Locate the default sn#64 mapping and change it to read as follows:
      sn#64=&"~sn~" eq "" \? "BLANK" : "~sn~"&
      This mapping is designed to sync the Source value if it exists. If there is no Source SN value, however, then a hard-coded value of BLANK is set. You may change the text BLANK to any value or variable. In the next example we use another attribute, component0, rather than a hard-coded value. This is the source DN=CN= value.
      sn#64=&"~sn~" eq "" \? "~component0~" : "~sn~"&
  • Finally, you may require that the Source Last Name (sn) value always be populated. To do this, use the Optional LDAP Query Filter on the Source tab and add (sn=*) for each object type you are syncing. This will ensure that you are only pulling objects from the Source that possess an sn value.

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