Configured sync to write to Secondary Addressbook, but still getting errors

Created: 2012-04-20 08:09:59
Modified: 2017-05-31 16:16:51
Tags: Lotus Notes / Domino UnitySync

Please see Can UnitySync read/write secondary addressbooks article for instructions to configure a sync to write to a Secondary Addressbook .

If you have followed those instructions and continue to have errors on Sync, then you may have made a mistake in configuration.

Some common mistakes are:

  • In step 3, failed to apply permissions to both Notes admin AND the UnitySync account.
  • In step 6, not applying steps 6a-6g to the PRIMARY address book, as well as your secondary.
  • In step 6b, for Primary addressbook, on basics tab, make sure the Domain Name matches the actual name of the domain.
  • Make sure the Primary Addressbooks’s domain name matches the Domain= parameter in Notes.ini.
  • In step 6c, not making the Org name unique
  • In step 6g, you should see a document for PRIMARY and the SECONDARY addressbook.
  • As shown in 6g, verify the */*/*/* /Secondary /* for the Secondary address book shows the Organization name (specified in 6c) that is used in the Struct Name (specified in step 9b).
  • Also, as shown in 6c, confirm that ALL addressbooks (including Primary and ALL secondary) show up in the DA setup. For example:
    DomainA Notes CompanyA */*/*/*/Primary/*
    DomainB Notes CompanyX */*/*/*/SecondaryX/*
    DomainC Notes CompanyY */*/*/*/SecondaryY/*
    DomainD Notes CompanyZ */*/*/*/SecondaryZ/*
  • In step 8, failed to restart Notes server.

These are just a few common mistakes that lead to difficulty syncing into Notes. The best solution is to go through and redo each step to confirm your setup.

The following errors have been found to be caused by known misconfigurations:

Failed schema check - In step 4, under the basics tab, check the field labeled ‘use these settings as the default settings for all servers’. This should cause the LDAP Write YES setting to be applied to all addressbooks (as well as the Primary). Check this setting in the Primary to ensure it is set correctly.

Failed, ambiguous DN specified - Step 6c - enter a unique organization name - applies to ALL addressbooks, including the primary. No addressbook may have a * as the organization name. In step 6b, for Primary addressbook, on basics tab, make sure the Domain Name matches the actual name of the domain.

**Add Structure Return | 65 - Entry (o=Struct): objectClass (dominoOrganization) missing required attribute(s): authorityRevocationList cACertificate certificateRevocationList** -

  • In step 4, LDAP not enabled.
  • In step 6, failed to apply a unique Organziation name to both Primary and Secondary addressbooks.
  • In step 3, failing to assign Manager level access.
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