Can UnitySync read/write secondary addressbooks?

Created: 2012-04-20 08:09:59
Modified: 2017-05-31 16:12:18
Tags: Lotus Notes / Domino UnitySync

UnitySync uses LDAP to read and update Lotus Notes. By default, Notes is designed to only allow LDAP reads and writes to the main addressbook of the server.

Using Directory Assistance, you may configure Notes to allow LDAP to read and write to secondary addressbooks. The Writing to a Secondary Notes Addressbook Technical White Paper outlines the required procedure for configuring Directory Assistance to allow both reads and writes to your secondary addressbooks.

The majority of this White Paper outlines how to configure Directory Assistance. This configuration is required to if you want to do LDAP reads or writes to your secondary addressbooks.

The last paragraph in the white paper is specific to configuring your UnitySync connection to write to one of your secondary addressbooks.

Once Directory Assistance is properly configured, no special configuration is required to read records from all addressbooks. The UnitySync Discovery will automatically read all addressbooks. If desired, you may use Excludes to limit the objects that are actually pulled from the source addressbooks.

NOTE: Directory Assistance is always required to read from secondary addressbooks. However if you only wish to write to a secondary addressbook and Directory Assistance can not be configured, another work around to this issue would be to sync to a server with an unused main addressbook and have Notes replicate that database to your main server as a secondary addressbook.

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