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Created: 2012-04-20 08:09:59
Modified: 2021-01-25 12:29:36
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This error may occur when the Join with Existing Objects parameters are enabled on the Destination tab of your connection (Join or Both selected on the Sync/Join mode). The Join uses queries to identify matches between the Source and Destination directory, so a Source object may be joined if there is an existing Destination object.

This error indicates that two (or more) objects on the Destination have the same value for the attribute specified in the Join Query. Search the log for Multiple Match to identify each instance of the error. The error output will help you identify the Destination objects that have the duplicate values.

In order to view the full error information, you must have generated a Log File at level 3-Detailed during Simulation or Synchronization.

In the example below you see the Source object is identified, as well as the two Destination objects that matched the query attribute.

In the log:

Search Mode Error | Multiple Match - 2
Source DN | Smith, John W. 
Dest DN | CN=John Smith,OU=Contacts,dc=domain,dc=com
Dest DN | CN=Jeff Smith,ou=Local Users,dc=domain,dc=com

Error Summary in log:

Error Summary : 03/09/17 15:30:00
Join Multiple Match | 5

In the cases of this error, the Sync does not Join with either Destination object, because both have the matching index. So the error is logged and the Source object is not Synced/Joined.

NOTE: Depending whether you have Destination tab Reject On Match set the duplicates may be outside and/or inside the Destination Sync container.


Determine which Destination object you don’t want the sync to Join with, then either change the value of the query attribute for that object (so it won’t show up as a match) or, if appropriate, delete that Destination record. See this article for assistance on Join queries.

If you receive this error for many or the majority of the objects you are syncing, it is possible the Query(ies) you’ve entered do not provide the required matching capability because objects on the Destination do not have unique values. In this case, you must provide an alternate Join Query.

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