Sync error: Join Match / Join Reject

Created: 2012-04-20 08:09:59
Modified: 2022-01-14 10:50:07
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This relates to the Destination JOIN configuration option, Reject On Match.

Search Mode Error | Join Reject  
Source DN | CN=Nichols\, Eric,OU=More Users,DC=2k3,DC=local  
Dest DN | CN=Eric Nichols,OU=Synchere,DC=2k8x64,DC=local

Note: earlier versions of UnitySync used the error text: Search Mode Error | Join Match

This may appear during Sync runs that have a Sync/Join Mode of Both (Create/Join) and Reject On Match enabled on the Destination tab.

It indicates that the specified Source object was not synced.

This occurs when a matching object is found to already exist on the Destination directory, outside the specified Placement DN. Since you have enabled Reject On Match, the Sync will simply acknowledge that a matching object exists outside the sync container but not link to it nor create a duplicate object.

In other words, if a matching object is found within your Sync Container, as specified by Structure Name or Placement DN on the Destination tab, it will be updated. If no match is found anywhere, a new object is added in your Sync Container. If a match is found anywhere else, outside your Sync Container, no action is taken on the Destination directory, and a Join Match is logged.

NOTE: Although Join Matches are noted in the Error Summary, they are not truly an error. The sync is performing as designed.

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