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UnitySync licensing for on-the-fly Disaster Recovery

2017-05-31 16:04:24
Licensing & Keys UnitySync 

For information on basic UnitySync licensing, refer to How is UnitySync Licensed. Included in basic licensing is the ability to request a Key Change in order to change the host (serial number) of your UnitySync server. Key Change requests may take up to a full business day, but are typically fulfilled within 24 hours.

On-the-Fly Disaster Recovery would require the purchase of additional licensing to to allow immediate fail over to a licensed UnitySync installation.

As an example, lets say you are licensed for one installation of UnitySync.

In this example, you own one copy of the UnitySync installation. So if the UnitySync server became unavailable, you’d have to send a Key Change Request to have your key changed to allow you to run UnitySync on an alternate server.

If you want real time UnitySync server fail over capability, you’d have to purchase a 2nd copy of the UnitySync software. In doing so, your license key would include both UnitySync servers. So if the need arose to run UnitySync from the alternate location, you could do so without delay.

To assist in the fail over of the UnitySync server itself, you should do a regular back of the UnitySync installation directory and copy this to your secondary UnitySync server (or have it readily available to be copied). This backup contains the complete connection configuration information. When backing up/copying from one UnitySync server to the other, you have the option of copying the entire directory or, alternatively, you may choose to only copy the connection/custom configuration items.

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