More uses for UnitySync!

Created: 2024-03-12 08:47:56
Modified: 2024-03-12 08:50:33
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In addition to typical directory sync, UnitySync can be implemented as a solution for other requirements you might have.

HR Database and LDAP Directory synchronizations:

Through a use of ODBC Data source or flat (csv) data files, you can sync your HR database to an LDAP directory. Using the below methods, you can sync to create new Users or sync to maintain User contact information in your LDAP directory.

Back-up Forest: Create mail enabled user objects in a separate Active Directory forest with UnitySync to use as an emergency off-site messaging server.

Synchronize an Admin Forest and a Messaging Forest: UnitySync keeps account administration and messaging administration separate in Active Directory by connecting both forests. Just create disabled user objects (place holders) in the messaging forest. UnitySync also updates attributes on the disabled account whenever there is a change the source admin forest.

Maintenance expired? If you find that you can utilize UnitySync in the future in any of the ways listed, or to tackle new challenges in your environment, you can reinstate maintenance at any time. Simply contact us at to obtain an updated quote.

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