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UnitySync® is a centralized service that synchronizes data between directories. The goal of UnitySync is to provide organizations a unified view of their disparate directories.

UnitySync can scale from small directories with hundreds of objects to enterprise directories consisting of hundreds of thousands of objects without requiring extensive training or installation/configuration time.

MSExchange.org Gold Award

Install Platforms

  • Linux Intel 64-bit
  • Windows Intel 64-bit

Key Benefits

  • Synchronize Directory Information. With UnitySync you can synchronize account information between different directories so each directory contains a unified view of the other non-connected directories.
  • Update Single Attributes. By defining authoritative data sources you can have one system update individual attributes of existing objects of another.
  • Do Both! If the updated object cannot be found a new object can be provisioned.

Connection Types

  • Cloud Based: Office 365 (o365) Exchange (and o365-o365!)
  • LDAP Based: Active Directory, ADAM/AD LDS, Microsoft Exchange 5.5/2000/2003/2007/2010/2013, Novell NDS/eDirectory, OpenLDAP, Oracle Internet Directory, SunONE/iPlanet Directory, Zimbra, Apple OpenLDAP, CommuniGate Pro, iMail, Lotus Notes/Domino, ViewDS and other LDAP based products.
  • Custom: Groupwise, Office 365 (o365) Exchange
  • SQL: Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access, Oracle, Sybase, MySQL, Postgres, SQLite and and other database products that use ODBC drivers.
  • Text: LDIF, CSV

Other Features

  • No scripting/programming required: All of UnitySync's attribute management is handled by an easy to learn map template system requiring no programming experience.
  • No extra database required: UnitySync is entirely self contained and does not need an external database to store its data.
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