Prefilter o365 Group discovery using list-opath-filter

Created: 2023-03-15 13:40:03
Modified: 2023-03-24 14:01:26
Tags: Office 365 UnitySync

This feature is available in v4.2 (v4.1.24).

When Discovering an o365 source, you may want to filter objects based on membership of particular Groups. (i.e. Discover Users only if they are a member of GroupABC).

Even if Groups is UNchecked on the Source tab, Groups are still discovered (by defalt). This is to allow User/Contact filter based on Group membership (Memberof). This may result in longer than usual discovery times.

There is a new feature can be used if you do not plan to sync Groups OR if you plan to sync only Groups whose members are being discovered.

The new config parameter is list-opath-filter.

This parameter pre-filters Groups, only discovering the groups specified. In combination with Source tab User/Contact filter using MemberOf, you can also limit the person objects discovered to just those who are a member of the specified Group(s).

Syntax tip: No need to quote the entire filter. UnitySync will add quotes. For example, manually add the following to your config.txt file in order to discover only the group whose displayname is ‘Group ABC’.

list-opath-filter=displayname -eq ‘Group ABC’

or for two groups (etc)

list-opath-filter=displayname -eq ‘Group ABC’ -or displayname -eq ‘Group XYZ’

Note: This feature can NOT be used with the gen-memberof feature.

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