Upgrading UnitySync

Created: 2021-03-25 10:02:38
Modified: 2021-03-31 10:54:15
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If you are upgrading UnitySync from any previous version of UnitySync, please review the following information to ensure your connections are upgraded properly.

Download UnitySync

Download the newest version from dirwiz.us/download.

Select UnitySync and appropriate OS and include an email to receive the download link and 15-day temporary key.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you need more than 15 days to complete your upgrade, feel free to reach out to keys@dirwiz.com at any time to request an additional temporary key.

Install UnitySync

Perform an install of UnitySync per the Release Notes - Install Guide. We always require a fresh installation of UnitySync for upgrade to insure vital components are not overlooked.

The most up to date instructions are always found in the Release Notes - Install Guide. From here, please refer to that guide for in-depth instruction.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We urge you to test your connections via Simulation during the upgrade process. On the General tab of the connection, enable Discovery and Simulation only, then click Save. After running this Simulation you may review the Sim log to confirm desirable results before running a Sync. For more information on Testing via Simulation, please review this knowledge base article. Contact support@dirwiz.com if you need assistance.

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