ModRDN - to allow CN to change on JOIN

Created: 2021-02-23 15:35:13
Modified: 2021-02-23 15:44:32
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ModRDN is a rarely used feature.

By default, a typical JOIN or Create/Join will NOT change the DN of an object found outside the sync OU.

Using the ModRDN feature, the object can be modified and renamed with a change to the CN portion of the DN.

Note: The OU structure is not changed, just the CN (name) portion of the DN.

Raw Config override: modRDN=Yes

Usage Example:

On Join, SearchModeBase is:


This means, the sync will look for matching objects anywhere under that OU (including sub OUs).

Example Dest Objects:

cn=Miller, Paul,OU=AdminAccounts,OU=Common, DC=corp,DC=domain,DC=cub

cn=Smith, John,OU=Sales,OU=AdminAccounts,OU=Common, DC=corp,DC=domain,DC=cub

cn=Jones, Sally,OU=Support,OU=AdminAccounts,OU=Common, DC=corp,DC=domain,DC=cub

Example DN mapping:


Example of Displayname Tab option to set format for ~cn~:

^sn^, ^givenname^ (^physicaldeliveryofficename^)

Action on Sync run… Upon Joining to a matching dest object, the DN will be modified, changing the CN portion of the DN.

Example Modified Dest DNs

cn=Paul Miller (Corporate),OU=AdminAccounts, OU=Common,DC=corp,DC=domain,DC=cub

cn=John Smith (Development),OU=Sales,OU=AdminAccounts, OU=Common,DC=corp,DC=domain,DC=cub

cn=Sally Jones (Corporate),OU=Support,OU=AdminAccounts, OU=Common,DC=corp,DC=domain,DC=cub

Refer to ticket: 27063
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