Custom Mapping: LDIF output

Created: 2019-07-31 16:43:30
Modified: 2021-10-20 15:10:54
Tags: Custom Mapping LDIF UnitySync

The Discovery phase of all connections outputs to an LDIF file. The Discovery phase does not utilize any mappings. All Source attributes are simply output to a raw LIDF file.

In order to utilize mapping/logic when producing ldif.txt, you can create a new connection, selecting Destination ENGINE type of “LDIF”.

Fill in the source tab as usual. Fill in the Destination tab with a Placement DN corresponding with the root of your Source discovery. (In other words, you want the FQDN structure for each record in the export.txt to match the original ldif.txt.) To maintain levels, set levels=all. (Struct Name is not valid for this configuration. Do NOT fill it in.)

Customize your mappings as you would for a normal connection.

On Discovery, an LDIF.txt file will be generated as usual.

On SYNC, a new ldif file (named export.txt) will be generated. You should see the resulting export.txt shows the desired changes to mapped values.

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