SMTP Addresses Tab: Swap Proxy - SwapTargetOnly

Created: 2013-03-20 10:19:06
Modified: 2022-08-18 09:19:27
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The SwapProxy feature allows you to swap mail, targetaddress and proxyaddresses in favor of a specific email domain. The solution requires the originating source object to include a secondary smtp address of the desired domain. The secondary and the existing primary will be swapped (hence the name SWAP).

There may be a circumstance, however, where you want to swap just the targetaddress at Sync time.

To do so, implement SwapProxy as usual, then customize your map file to ensure your DN, mail and proxyaddresses do not get swapped.

  1. Create a custom object map file

  2. Change the DN mapping to use ^mail^ instead of ~mail~
    i.e. dn=cn=^mail#64^,~struct~

  3. Change the mail mapping to use ^mail^ instead of ~mail~
    i.e. mail#256=^mail^

  4. Change the proxyaddresses mapping to use [allmail] and add a new proxyaddresses line above it to define SMTP. Exact syntax is:

  5. The default targetaddress mapping should remain unchanged. It uses ~target~ which is variable based on swap proxy.

  6. If you need additional proxyaddresses like SIP or x500, see this knowledge base article for the specific mappings.

  7. Save the file.

Run a new Simulation. You should see that with the above modifications, only targetaddress gets modified.

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