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What is the LDAP logon ID syntax for my directory?

2019-07-10 15:22:52
Active Directory Amazon Simple AD Azure Exchange 20xx Groupwise Lotus Notes / Domino Netscape UnitySync 

The LDAP logon syntax varies from system to system. This brief outline will show the specific format for each system.

Active Directory/Exchange 20xx

Please see our knowledge base article: Configuring Active Directory (AD) User ID for UnitySync account

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Simple AD

You’ll need to use the default administrator’s login in order to read from or write to AWS Simple AD. Please see our knowledge base article for more information: Amazon Web Services (AWS) Directory Service Simple AD

Lotus Notes

Please see our knowledge base article: What is the proper format for the UnitySync logon for Notes?


Typically you should use the Directory Manager DN as the Logon ID.

For example: cn=Directory Manager


Typically the NDS logon ID translates nicely to LDAP. There is only one Organization field, all other structure fields are usually Organizational Unit fields. Examples:

Eric Nichols cn=Eric Nichols
Eric Nichols.DirWiz cn=Eric Nichols,o=DirWiz
Eric Nichols.Products.DirWiz cn=Eric Nichols,ou=Products,o=DirWiz
Eric Nichols./Development.Products.DirWiz cn=Eric Nichols,ou=Development,ou=Products,o=DirWiz

If you need information about the logon syntax for any other directory type, please contact our Technical Support Team.

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