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Support for Amazon Simple AD (a component of AWS Directory Service)

2017-05-08 17:17:40
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As of UnitySync v2.4, Discovery and Sync of Amazon Simple AD directory is supported.

Simple AD, a component of Amazon Web Service (AWS), is a Samba-based directory in the cloud which (among other things) contains your Users and Groups. UnitySync is able to Discover (read) Users and Groups from your Simple AD directory. UnitySync is able to write to Simple AD creating contacts.

Data discovered from Simple AD can be written to any destination LDAP directory or Office 365 directory, exported to CSV, or written to almost any database.

You can discover any supported source type (LDAP directory/CSV/ODBC) and write to your Simple AD, creating contacts.

In v2.4, Discovery/Sync of Amazon Simple AD can be done using UnitySync’s existing Active Directory (non mail enabled) templates. As of v2.5, templates specific to Amazon Simple AD are included.

If you need assistance creating and configuring a connection to discover your Amazon Simple AD, please contact support@dirwiz.com.

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