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Celebrate Cyber Monday with a new UnitySync release!

2017-06-10 17:38:32

We are very pleased to announce UnitySync v2.7. Download it today and upgrade!

If you are not currently on software maintenance please contact sales@dirwiz.com to renew your maintenance to be eligible for this update.


  • Add: Exchange 2016 is now supported
  • Add #607: shell now uses global SMTP to send notification email if there is a missing config.txt for the connection specified. This includes typo of connection name as well as config.tmp situation.
  • Add #621: sync to ODBC can now auto trim based on DB table definitions. Use optional raw config parameter: odbc-autotrim=yes. Default is no.
  • Fix #620: fixed LDAP discovery which was dropping one value (i.e. Member) for every 1500 in an Active Directory multi-valued attribute.
  • Add #573: experimental addition of status.html which displays status for all connections. Not yet an option in the UI. Browse to \status.html. (If using IIS, must add ‘status.cgi’). See [[https://www.dirwiz.com/kb/3058]] for details.
  • Add #617: added option to limit log file attachment size on Notification emails. The default is: attach-limit=5000000 bytes (5Mb).
  • Add #633: improved SMTP error messages in log level 3. Also, smtp.txt content is now logged at level 3.
  • Add: in Global SMTP settings, custom Port option box removed. Instead, add custom port after hostname i.e. MyMail.smtp.us:9800. Default still 25.
  • Add: syncs will now indicate ‘End Of Life’ outputting message at the end of the log. This tells the user if their software version is EOL. Refer to latest.
  • Fix #610: disabling a user in Simulation will no longer ACTUALLY disable the user object.
  • Fix #454: simulation no longer miscounts ADDS on Move/Mod.
  • Add #580: support modify of destination password of existing user (unicodepwd)
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