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Software Product Roadmap - End of Life (EOL)

2019-04-02 15:23:59
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Products which have reached their End of Life (EOL) will be supported on a best effort basis. Troubleshooting will very likely include a recommendation to upgrade to the latest supported version. Users are encouraged to upgrade to the latest supported version at their earliest convenience.

The latest versions of each product can always be found on our download page.

As of January 2019, our software versions are listed below.

UnitySync version 2.9 none specified
UnitySync version 2.8 none specified
UnitySync version 2.7 End of Life July 1, 2018
UnitySync version 2.6 End of Life Jan 1, 2018
UnitySync version 2.5 End of Life Sept 30, 2017
UnitySync version 2.4 End of Life Sept 30, 2016
UnitySync version 2.3 End of Life Sept 30, 2015
UnitySync version 1.x End of Life July 15, 2014
emPass version 1.1 none specified
Directify version 6.2 none specified
Profiler version 6.1 End of Life - April 1, 2015
Profiler version 5.x End of Life - May 1, 2014
Profiler version 4.x End of Life - April 1, 2008
Profiler version 3.x End of Life - April 1, 2005
SimpleSync version 5.x End of Life - August 1, 2012
SimpleSync version 4.x End of Life - April 1, 2010
SimpleSync version 3.x End of Life - October 1, 2006

Software upgrade eligibility

If you are an existing customer with a current software maintenance contract, you are entitled to free software upgrades and support for your product. Please go to our Downloads page to request the software download and be sure to review the Release Notes which include the upgrade instructions.

If you are an existing customer, but your maintenance contract has expired, you may request maintenance renewal by contacting sales@dirwiz.com. Once you have reinstated maintenance, you will be eligible for upgrades and support.

If you have any other questions about version support, product maintenance, software downloads, upgrade information etc, please contact support@dirwiz.com.

If you are not yet a licensed user, you may download the fully functional software and receive a 15 day temporary license key on our Downloads page. Contact support@dirwiz.com with any questions during your evaluation period.

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