Troubleshooting UnitySync error using command line shell.exe

Created: 2012-04-20 08:09:59
Modified: 2023-12-05 13:01:04
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There may be occasion when a sync is hanging, crashing or throwing an unknown error. In this instance, it may be recommended by the support team that a command line shell be run to gather more information.

  1. On the General tab of the connection, turn up CONSOLE logging to 5. Click Save.
    (In some cases, you may want to also turn LOGGING level to 5. Just remember to reduce the log level again when you resume normal syncs.)

  2. On the General tab of the connection, set the desired phases to run for this test.
    (Sometimes a test calls for SIMULATION only. In this case, be sure to UNcheck Sync).

  3. Open a cmd prompt and CD to the \UnitySync\bin directory.

  4. Execute the following command:

    • Windows: shell --conn "Your Connection Name"
    • Linux: ./shell --conn "Your Connection Name"

This will run all operations for your connection that you selected in step 2 above, outputting detailed debug information to the screen.

Alternatively, you may also use a parameter to specifically run one phase:
– Windows: shell --conn Your Connection Name" --disc

Send the following to support:

  1. On some crashes, a pop-up will occur. Note the contents or screenshot the pop up.

  2. On crash, the cmd window will likely show an error code (preceded by whatever normal logging occurred. When the connection run stops, copy the last 20 lines or so of output (or more, if available and if they appear to provide pertinent information).

  3. Please ZIP and upload the the following:
    – Screen shots and/or detailed error information
    – Any logs that are produced by the shell run.
    – Connections\YourConnectionName\Console.txt

Note: If you are not able to provide complete log files, refer to this article for alternative ways to provide needed troubleshooting information.

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