Syncs to/from Exchange 20xx supported?

Created: 2012-04-20 08:09:59
Modified: 2017-05-08 19:58:03
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Yes! UnitySync can sync in any Exchange environment.

All of the requirements for syncing to the most recent version of Exchange are met automatically in our current UnitySync version. If you are upgrading your Exchange environment, we strongly suggest you also upgrade to the latest version of UnitySync.

If you are using custom object maps, it may be necessary to make adjustments after upgrading to the latest version. If you are running UnitySync with map files that were originally created when you were running any older version, your custom map files may not include the latest default mappings that were specifically designed to handle syncs to current Exchange versions.

Note: When you retire your final Exchange 2003 server, you may encounter issues if your map files have not been updated from earlier version of our software. UnitySync does not rely on the RUS (Recipient Update Service); rather, UnitySync writes directly to Active Directory, creating/updating your Destination objects. Attributes that were previously set via the RUS in Exchange 2003 and earlier need to be confirmed in your map files.

Common problems syncing after Exchange upgrade

The following issues have been reported by UnitySync users after an Exchange upgrade. All of these problems can be resolved by upgrading to the latest version of UnitySync and reviewing any existing custom object map files. Please contact for assistance.

Invalid value set for mailnickname: Check your custom map file and verify the mailNickname mapping assignment. If your mapping includes ~mail~, refer to the Syncs to Exchange set invalid value for mailnickname article for details on the custom mailNickname mapping that is required to sync to later versions of Exchange. Default mappings support mailNickname requirement (the @ character is not allowed). Contact for additional assistance.

Synced objects do not show up in the Global Address List (GAL): It may be necessary to use a custom mapping to set the a custom ShowInAddressBook on your synced contacts. Contact for assistance.

Synced objects show up in the GAL, but delivery to the recipient fails: It may be necessary to set a custom legacyExchangeDN on your synced contacts. Contact for assistance.

Replies to mail producing NDR errors after Exchange upgrade: The legacyExchangeDN must be set as a no-mod-attrib. Contact for assistance.

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