Error: Del Person not found

Created: 2012-04-20 08:09:59
Modified: 2022-09-10 09:02:18
Tags: Errors Troubleshooting UnitySync

This error may occur at Sync time if the Destination object has been moved or deleted manually. This error is logged if UnitySync attempts to delete an object, but is unable to locate the object.

You will see each instance as it occurs, as shown below:
Del Person not found |,OU=salesDC=acmeDC=com

And you will see a total of such errors in the Error summary:
Del Person not found | 5

Since UnitySync will only attempt to delete an object from the Destination once, and will not attempt the same delete on Subsequent syncs, it is not necessary to do anything to correct the error. You should not see the error again on your next Syncs.

If you do see repeated instances of this error, please contact Support for assistance.

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