Using ldapsearch (IBM/Domino/Notes)

Created: 2012-04-20 08:09:59
Modified: 2017-06-04 09:28:26
Tags: Lotus Notes / Domino Troubleshooting UnitySync

Below are instructions for performing a simple ldapsearch to verify successful LDAP authentication and/or read a sample of Source data.

Ldapsearch is a utility included with IBM/Domino/Lotus Notes directories, and may be available for free download elsewhere. If your directory is Active Directory or AD LDS, refer to our article on using ldifde. If you don’t already have ldapsearch, download the ldapsearch utility for use on the UnitySync server.

From a command prompt, cd to the install location and execute the following, replacing parameters -b -h -D -w -p with same values as in use by the problematic connection:


To pull mail for all objects for which it is populated:

ldapsearch -b "ou=organization,o=org" -h -D "cn=Administrator,o=org" -w password "(mail=*)" mail

To pull all attributes for a single test object:

ldapsearch -b "ou=organization,o=org" -h -D "cn=Administrator,o=org" -w password "("

NOTE: If the result is an error you have confirmed a basic inability to query the source directory using the specified port and login.

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