What is included under my Software Maintenance Coverage?

Created: 2012-04-20 08:09:59
Modified: 2019-12-19 17:55:05
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With up to date Software Maintenance coverage you will receive personal, written or verbal answers to all technical questions. Responses to most inquiries are usually provided in the same business day, often within minutes to an hour of receipt. Answers come directly from an experienced DirWiz technical support specialist, involving members of our software development team whenever necessary. Support inquiries may include requests for help with any aspect of the software’s implementation: installation, configuration, testing, troubleshooting. You may also request help to meet unique requirements, specific to your own implementation.

When new versions become available, software upgrades are free to all customers with current Software Maintenance coverage. Each new release includes enhanced functionality and updated security features.

Customers with current maintenance coverage may purchase additional software and directory licenses without having to repurchase the original installation.

Through ongoing interaction with end users, our software is always improving and enhancing it’s functionality. If existing functionality does not meet your requirements, you may make a request for enhancements or feature upgrades. DirWiz Technical Support will work directly with you and our Development team to understand your requirement and determine if an enhancement can be made available. Whenever possible, requested feature enhancements are developed and released for immediate implementation . Otherwise, new features will be available in the next released version.

Technical Support is available Monday - Friday, 9:00am - 5:00pm EST (excluding US Federal Holidays). Please allow up to 24 hours for response. While we respond to most inquiries within the same business day (and often within minutes of receipt) we will sometime research your question thoroughly before responding, delaying an immediate response.

To make a technical support request, please contact DirWiz Technical Support or 302.482.8004 (option 2). Please note that it is often more efficient to reach out via email initially, providing detailed information per this knowledge base article, as it often takes some time to research solutions.

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