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Created: 2012-04-20 08:09:59
Modified: 2023-12-05 12:59:04
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In the event that your data gets out of sync through corruption or user manipulation, use the following steps to force the sync to zero out the database information and reapply all synced data. This will ad missing objects, modify all objects and perform outstanding deletes. (If you do not want to perform the outstanding deletes, run the Recovery procedure instead).

  • Select your Connection
  • Click the Force Mods button located in the Action section of the General tab.

This function will zero out the internal database entry for each synced object, and run a Sync to rebuild the database information. Forcemods will add missing objects, process outstanding deletes and apply a MODIFY to all previously synced contacts.

This function may be automated via the shell.exe execution of your connection during your scheduled sync runs.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is not recommended you automate forcemods on ALL scheduled sync runs. Force Mods causes every object to be modified on every sync run. This is generally unnecessary and to time consuming to run on a regular basis. If you know you have regular modification/deletion of destination contacts, it might be recommended to automate your Forcemods connection once per week or month.

If you continue to have data corruption issues after performing Forcemods, it may be necessary to run the Sync Recovery Procedure.

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