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2017-06-12 10:31:53
Errors Group as Group Sync Troubleshooting UnitySync 

This error indicates the LDAP Add or Modify attempted to change a variable in a way that the Destination schema does not allow.

Common causes:

  • Attempting to write to the Global Catalog port (3268/3269) instead of the standard LDAP port (389/636).
  • Attempting to create an object with a blank CN (i.e. DN=CN=,OU=structname,dc=domain,dc=com).
  • Attempting to set a single valued attribute with multiple values.
  • Attempting to set attributes that are not present in the objectclass being written.
  • Attempting to modify an attribute not meant for modification after the initial object creation.
  • Attempting to create an invalid objectclass.
  • On Group as Group sync, attempting to add Universal Groups to Global Groups.

If you need further assistance troubleshooting or correcting this error, please forward your sync log to support@dirwiz.com.

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