Backup & Restore of Installation and Configuration for all Directory Wizards software

Created: 2012-04-20 08:09:59
Modified: 2023-06-07 14:15:07
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Backup and Restore of Directory Wizards products is as simple as backing up a single directory. All files - including programs, custom files and more - are located in a single directory. This directory can be zipped and copied to an alternate location for backup purposes. When needed for restore, the entire directory may be copied back to the original location, or an individual files may be copied over as needed.

zip c:\UnitySync-v4.1
zip c:\Directify-v2

IMPORTANT NOTE: We strongly recommend backing up your installation before you make significant changes to your connections.

A new license key is not needed as long as it is restored to the same server and location. If the software is restored to a new server/location you’ll need to submit a Key Change Request to and provide the new Serial Number.

Also, For UnitySync

Any scripts used to execute your scheduled syncs should be backed up so they may be restored if necessary as well.

Within the backed up copy, the data directories may be deleted. However the Sync Recovery Procedure is not necessary to ensure a successful restore. If there are discrepancies between the Source directory and the hash table, they will work themselves out in a few syncs. However, if a Recovery is preferred following a Restore, delete the \data directory of the restored installation, so that initial syncs following a Restore will run from scratch.

For emPass

Backup of the Central Server and backup of each Agent should take place on their individual servers. We also recommend that you preserve the security of your private.txt file by whatever means necessary as noted in the Administrator’s Guide.

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