What if UnitySync doesn’t support my LDAP directory type?

Created: 2012-04-20 08:09:59
Modified: 2024-04-02 14:24:04
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We are happy to consider adding support for new directories whenever possible. The only real requirement is that the directory supports LDAP read/write access.

NOTE: If your directory does not support LDAP, there are still options within UnitySync that may help with your syncing of this directory, i.e. LDIF, ODBC, CSV formated files. Contact Support for more information on how these alternate directory templates and engines may be used to help sync your non LDAP compatible directory.

Below is a list of requested information to be gathered from your LDAP directory, including rootdsa. This information will help give us a picture of your LDAP directory. We’ll use this information to build the necessary UnitySync structure and mapping files for your directory type. Then we’ll pass these files back to you. You will insert these files into your UnitySync installation and the new directory type will then show up as a supported directory. You can then configure and test connections pulling from and writing to your directory.

Information Needed

  1. Send an email to support@dirwiz.com with the Subject: Request for new Directory support.

  2. Identify the LDAP directory you are using. Zip and forward the information requested below.

  3. You will need to utilize an LDAP Browser such as ldifde or ldp.

  4. We need the dsa record for the directory, as well as ldif records of a few objects from the directories:

    a) all person objects (person, user, contact, inetorgperson, etc.)

    b) group object

    c) a container or organizational unit (ou)

  5. Obtain the following information about your directory:

    1. Root DSE record
    2. ldif record of a person object
    3. ldif record of a group object
    4. ldif record of a container/ou
    5. Please list any other LDAP directory you will be syncing with (i.e. Active Directory, Office 365, Notes, etc.)

If you have any questions, please contact us at support@dirwiz.com.

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