Discovery/Sync error - ldif.aes missing

Created: 2023-11-14 11:49:35
Modified: 2023-11-15 11:38:52
Tags: Troubleshooting UnitySync

This problem is fixed as of v4.5.

Prior to v4.5, this error is logged if values are unintentionally entered in the ldif processing section at the bottom of the General tab.

Check the bottom of the General tab and see if there is a value in the alternate File location or Encryption?

Unless you are purposely pointing to an alternate location for the ldif (which automatically grays out the discover button) then delete anything in the alternate location field. Likewise, the aes encryption field should be blank unless you are using encryption for the ldif file.

These two fields are auto populated when your browser is set to auto fill usernames and passwords.

In your browser, go to the browser password settings and disable username/password auto fill. Alternatively, you can leave auto fill enabled, but add your UnitySync url to the “never saved passwords” list.

i.e or http://MyServer/UnitySync/config.cgi

Once you’ve resolved the auto fill settings, click Shift-F5 to reload. Then select your connection again. If the values are there, blank them out and click Save. If you refresh one more time, you should see they are no longer auto populated.

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