SMTP Addresses Tab: Drop Proxy

Created: 2012-04-20 08:09:59
Modified: 2019-08-15 16:25:06
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When you run UnitySync to Discover objects that contain secondary proxyaddresses, and Sync to create mail enabled objects that contain secondary proxyaddresses, you have the option to drop one or more incoming proxyaddress(es). Just provide one or more domain names in the Drop Proxy field. The format is (ex.,, comma separated without spaces after the comma. When the Destination contact is created, its proxyAddresses will not include any address with a Drop Proxy domain.

Examples of Drop Proxy Usage

If the incoming secondary proxyaddresses of a Source object are:  

And you’ve listed the following domains in your Drop Proxy field:,,local

The new Destination contact will contain only the following proxyaddresses:

A Note about Drop Proxy syntax: It may or may not be necessary to include the @ prefix in the Drop Proxy domains you specify. An example of when it is necessary is if you have two incoming domains that look like this:

If you specify a Drop Proxy of simply, then both of the above addresses will be dropped. If you wish to ONLY drop the address, then your Drop Proxy value should include the @ as follows:

However, if you want to drop any proxyaddresses that contain, including, your Drop Proxy value should not include the @ symbol:
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